Mission And Philosophy


Mission & Philosophy


Metra’s strong technological culture gives birth to components which are evermore integrated in the productive thinking of the Company and raise the quality of consumers’ lifestyles. Metra aluminium supports, hosts and surprises… many people, every day, leading them by the hand.

‘Spreading the culture and applications of aluminium all over the world’ ... a strong and challenging mission, directly connected and supported by a constant projection into a future in which Metra is oriented at realising projects in continuous evolution and in total partnership with its clients, as well as with Institutions, Research Bodies, Certification Authorities and Universities.


Foundry production capacity
Metra Group: 50,000 t/year
- FoAll: 30,000 t/year
- Ver.All: 20,000 t/year

Extrusion production capacity
Metra Group: 90,000 t/year
Italian Plants: 70,000 t/year.
Non European Plants: 20,000 t/year

European Plants :
2 x 1,850 t; 1 x 2,200 t; 2 x 2,780 t; 1 x 4,000 t; 1 x 6,050 t
Non European Plants:
1 x 1,600 t; 1 x 2,750 t